Serendipity: Happy Accidents

There is an “art mom” who volunteers with me at my children’s school who tells the kids that there are no mistakes in art – only “happy accidents.”   There’s no “right” or “wrong” and sometimes when things do go exactly as planned, you make neat discoveries that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.  Serendipity, which basically means that, has been a favorite word of mine for a while now.  (along with “cerulean” and ” juxtaposition” but those are probably stories for another day, lol)

I had a “happy accident” today while working on some new things for my shop.  It has been a few weeks since I have made anything new for the Electric Paper Etsy Shop.  I have been busy at work on a new shop (called Modern Beautiful) that I have opened with a friend of mine.   We have some great printable party supplies designs that we are working on.  I finally have those designs at a place where I can work on them AND get some work done for Electric Paper Designs.

So, I am finally getting some more background papers finished up and listed.  I have been in the middle of working on some bright colorful dots and stripes background papers and some zig-zag/chevron pattern papers, and I finally got those finished up.  Yay!


And in doing those was when my latest happy accident happened.  I accidentally layered some dots over another pattern I was working on (some of the cutest designs happen by accident), and I came up with this paper.

I think it’s really elegant and pretty.  I called the design Simply Elegant.  I’ve made a set of various colors of that pattern, and I’ve paired it with some striped papers which is my favorite so far:


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