Camo Digital Papers

 My son loves camouflage so I felt like I had to get some camo digital paper in my shop.  I made several different fun sets.

The basic sets have some traditional colors like forest camo, desert camo, and arctic camo, and some bright fun colors (gotta love purple camo and pink camo!):
 And since I was having so much fun with the camo, I decided to do more from there.  I made pastel camo!  I love these colors for camouflage.

Then, the pastel camo reminded me of Easter eggs, and so I started thinking Holiday camo!  So I made a set using traditional holiday color schemes.  I did sets for Halloween (my favorite is the first Halloween paper since I love the orange, black, green, and purple together), Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, St Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.


All the Camo Digital Paper Sets are available in my Etsy Store.
If you have any more ideas for unique camo color schemes, I’d love to hear them!

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