Lighthouse Clip Art Set

Today I put together a lighthouse clip art set.  I’ve always loved lighthouses and in this set I included my favorites:  the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida, the Point Montara and Point Loma lighthouse in California, and the Cape Disappointment lighthouse in Washington.


Also included in the set are a few sea shells, some rocks, a couple of light effects that can be layered with the lighthouses, and a rock border.  The rock border was inspired by rocks that we found on the coast this summer and brought back for the kids.  Yeah, it was kind of a “my parents went to the coast and all I got was this lousy rock” sort of thing, lol  (Don’t worry they had an awesome time with Grandma)  The rocks are a gray rock with white rock stripes through them.  They are very cool.

Lighthouse trivia:  Lighthouses are frequently painted with black or red stripes to help them stand out against their background to be more visible to ships at sea.  Lighthouses are painted with a distinct pattern (or “daymark”) so that you can tell them apart during the day.  They also all have a unique flash pattern so ships can use them to establish their location.


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