Customer Creations – CalculatedFrenzies

Leslie from CalculatedFrenzies on Etsy, used some of my abstract papers to create beautiful resin-domed earrings.  She writes that they are made with bezels and studs of high-quality silver plated brass, and will stay shiny and bright throughout your months and years of compliments.   She has also made a pendant that is a “beautiful, affordable little gift that may be universally appreciated by any true color lovers.”  I think they are both beautiful.  I love how the resin brings out the colors in the paper.









Leslie’s shop has lots of cute, reasonably priced earrings necklaces and bracelets.  Her beautiful work is fun and filled with color.  Here are a few of my other favorites (NOT made with my digital papers) from her shop:

il_570xN.532220446_herh il_570xN.530150128_pc9n il_570xN.527760548_s71r123





You can check out here shop here:  Calculated Frenzies on Etsy

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Customer Creations – The Trip Clip

Molly from The Trip Clip recently used some of Electric Paper’s clip art images in a new Trip Clip game.

The Trip Clip is a really neat site with an awesome idea.  They make cute clip boards for kids with printable games and puzzles and checklists for kids to help entertain them in the car or anywhere else. According to the website: “The Trip Clip was created by a mom who needed something to keep her kids busy at the grocery store. When she realized how much they liked having their own list and clipboard, she started creating more activities to keep her kids busy at restaurants, on road trips, on plane trips, even at each others soccer games.”

Molly used the Slug Bug – VW Beetle Clip Art Set to make a printable version of the “slug bug game” to track scores on paper instead of punching each other.

Here is how she used the slug bug clip art:

You can see more of the at

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Customer Creations – Annie

Electric paper customer Annie of Annie’s Craft Corner on Etsy made these adorable cupcake wrappers using the “Girly” Pirate Paper Set.

Pink Black and White Cupcake Wrappers


And these using the Pirate Paper Set:

Red and Black Pirate Cupcake Wrappers

They are available in her shop – Annie’s Craft Corner on Etsy.   She sells cupcake wrappers, personalized storage tubs, door plaques, and more.   I really love her Music Note Stemless Wine Glasses.    She is very creative and has some adorable things in her shop!

Thanks for sharing photos of your creations Annie!

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Serendipity: Happy Accidents

There is an “art mom” who volunteers with me at my children’s school who tells the kids that there are no mistakes in art – only “happy accidents.”   There’s no “right” or “wrong” and sometimes when things do go exactly as planned, you make neat discoveries that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.  Serendipity, which basically means that, has been a favorite word of mine for a while now.  (along with “cerulean” and ” juxtaposition” but those are probably stories for another day, lol)

I had a “happy accident” today while working on some new things for my shop.  It has been a few weeks since I have made anything new for the Electric Paper Etsy Shop.  I have been busy at work on a new shop (called Modern Beautiful) that I have opened with a friend of mine.   We have some great printable party supplies designs that we are working on.  I finally have those designs at a place where I can work on them AND get some work done for Electric Paper Designs.

So, I am finally getting some more background papers finished up and listed.  I have been in the middle of working on some bright colorful dots and stripes background papers and some zig-zag/chevron pattern papers, and I finally got those finished up.  Yay!


And in doing those was when my latest happy accident happened.  I accidentally layered some dots over another pattern I was working on (some of the cutest designs happen by accident), and I came up with this paper.

I think it’s really elegant and pretty.  I called the design Simply Elegant.  I’ve made a set of various colors of that pattern, and I’ve paired it with some striped papers which is my favorite so far:


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Camo Digital Papers

 My son loves camouflage so I felt like I had to get some camo digital paper in my shop.  I made several different fun sets.

The basic sets have some traditional colors like forest camo, desert camo, and arctic camo, and some bright fun colors (gotta love purple camo and pink camo!):
 And since I was having so much fun with the camo, I decided to do more from there.  I made pastel camo!  I love these colors for camouflage.

Then, the pastel camo reminded me of Easter eggs, and so I started thinking Holiday camo!  So I made a set using traditional holiday color schemes.  I did sets for Halloween (my favorite is the first Halloween paper since I love the orange, black, green, and purple together), Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, St Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.


All the Camo Digital Paper Sets are available in my Etsy Store.
If you have any more ideas for unique camo color schemes, I’d love to hear them!

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Halloween Free Clip Art and Background Paper Set

I was working on this cute Halloween clipart to create a full set for my shop, but I have been busy working with a friend on my our new party printables shop called Modern Beautiful, so I decided to make this mini- set a freebie.  Just in time for Halloween.

The set includes a cute bat, pumpkin, “Boo” word art, and two coordinating background papers.

You can download the set here.

It’s totally free, but my shop’s same terms of use still apply.   It’s for your personal use only.  You may NOT resell as a set or any of the individual pieces; you may NOT claim as your own; small, unique-item production use is okay- credit is appreciated.

Please stop byElectric Paper on Etsy to see some of my other designs.

Happy Halloween!


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Heart Flowers

Another diversion from the birds set [sigh].  I ended up getting distracted with making some flowers that will match the birds set (if the bird set is ever finished, lol)  I love how these flowers came out though:

The bird set was initially going to be in bright primary colors, but I love this color pallet so much that I think I’m going to have to do the bird set to match.

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I Love Designs that Make Me Smile

I decided to make a cute bird set, but got distracted right in the middle of things with this Baby Bird set (hopefully I’ll finish the bird set that I started with soon).

I started with the oval and started adding details from there to make the first bird.  Then I accidentally covered up part of the eye and it became a totally cute “angry” baby bird.  It reminds me of an insistent two-year old who is glaring and stomping their foot.  Too cute to really be angry, lol.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

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Lighthouse Clip Art Set

Today I put together a lighthouse clip art set.  I’ve always loved lighthouses and in this set I included my favorites:  the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida, the Point Montara and Point Loma lighthouse in California, and the Cape Disappointment lighthouse in Washington.


Also included in the set are a few sea shells, some rocks, a couple of light effects that can be layered with the lighthouses, and a rock border.  The rock border was inspired by rocks that we found on the coast this summer and brought back for the kids.  Yeah, it was kind of a “my parents went to the coast and all I got was this lousy rock” sort of thing, lol  (Don’t worry they had an awesome time with Grandma)  The rocks are a gray rock with white rock stripes through them.  They are very cool.

Lighthouse trivia:  Lighthouses are frequently painted with black or red stripes to help them stand out against their background to be more visible to ships at sea.  Lighthouses are painted with a distinct pattern (or “daymark”) so that you can tell them apart during the day.  They also all have a unique flash pattern so ships can use them to establish their location.


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Etsy Shop Set Design – Pink and Brown Daisy Set

This Etsy Shop Banner:

was made with elements of the following sets: the Basic Squares Digital Background Papers and the Crazy for Daisies Clip Art set.

Basic Squares Paper Pack Preview Image       Basic Squares Paper Pack Preview Image

The full Etsy Shop set including 3 banners (regular, sale, and vacation),  3 avatars (standard, new items, and vacation), 3 placeholder images (custom, reserved, thank you) and a 2 x 2 inch printable all with personalization is also available in my store here.

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